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November 21st, 2016 by J

Marisa Miller, one of the sexiest women alive according to some men’s magazine, has another reason for you to drool over her. This hardcore leaked video shows Miller looking nasty in a skimpy lingerie, blowing on a huge dick, getting that tight ass drilled and having her face drenched in jizz.

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Marisa Miller creampied in the bath tub

June 30th, 2016 by J

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Hot babe Marisa Miller loves the action whenever she’s in the bath. Another leaked video of hers shows that she’s enjoying one quick fuck in a bath tub after giving a nice blowjob. She bends over and gives her wet pussy to her lover and got her bunghole fingered as well. Miller kept on pushing herself on the throbbing cock until her man explodes inside her, creaming her good, and letting the juice flow out from her slippery twat. You enjoyed this, I bet, and you better watch out for other homemade sex tapes from her stash.

She Got Game!

June 23rd, 2010 by mm

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Marisa Miller proves that she indeed got game. For this particular photo shoot, the American supermodel took her top off on the hard court. Yeah, show us your tits! Marisa Miller is strong and athletic. She’s been on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that made record-selling numbers. She loves to surf in the ocean; she was running a surf school before she was discovered as a model.

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This Harley-Davidson spokesmodel has been on the sexiest woman in the world list of both FHM and Maxim magazine for years. She’s a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model and has made appearances in Vogue magazine. I sure love to see her boobs giggle when she plays basketball!

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Marisa Miller rides the breeze topless

January 14th, 2010 by mm

Perfect. Just perfect. Even a horse gets better action with Marisa Miller than me. I should be on that horse! Hell, I should be that horse! But this continued bitterness nonwithstanding, you can’t help but be mesmerized (and stiff) at these pictures of Marisa Miller’s naked body, flooded with the glimmer of a retiring sun. I mean, come on, a chick with consistency in beauty like this definitely deserves getting spattered with cum at least once, and any self-respecting man wouldn’t want to get spent with hotness like this just once. I just hope the horse runs foul and bucks Marisa off so she can give a reason to unshield those tits of hers, and even wet herself in the water and expose her pony-humping pussy.

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Marisa spared from nudity by an iPod, fcuk

January 14th, 2010 by mm

We are the iPod generation. Marisa Miller attests to the power that comes in pocket-sized gadgetry today, including the power to turn a picture rating-approved for hypocrites who claim that a pussy on the page is sin. Can you taste the bitterness in my words? Damn you, stainless white sixth generation iPod! Thanks for making music popular again, but between blasting sweet sounds in my eardrums and the heavenly sighting of pussy, well, all I can say is fuck you, Steve Jobs. But I digress. I’m being hypocritical myself by focusing hate on that slab of tech goodness and turning a blind eye on a nearly naked Marisa Miller! Looking at the bright side, seeing Marisa nearly uncovered is something of an effective tease at seeing her actually in her birthday suit. Aside from that cockblocker of an iPod, you can see Marisa practically in the nude, probably wriggling her naked toes to Lady Gaga pumping in her ears. Yeah, squeeze those tits better, Marisa; you sure know how to mimic the naked chick running tired in every guy’s fantasies.

But who am I kidding? There are actual bare-breasted pixels of Marisa Miller swimming contentedly along the interwebs, so why post this frustrating, albeit sexy piece of photo for you ravenous flesh-eaters following my every word? Well, just like Marisa teasing me by covering up her vag, I’m merely paying it forward and passing the teasing on to you, so you’d look up at me expectantly for more naked pictures of Marisa Miller, and I being a generous guy, must cave in. That’s fraternity. Now fuck off and jack off.

Marisa Miller is a badass biker chick

January 14th, 2010 by mm

As far as Victoria’s Secret Angels go, the small, exclusive circle of supermodels come off as cookie cutter replicas of what the American barbie doll come to life should be. Slender legs, tight, but feminine figures, long, dreamy locks of hair, and a gorgeous face valued at millions of dollars. But Marisa Miller shows she’s not just another life-sized version of the glamorous doll with these flamin’ photos, as she tears off the angel wings and snuffs out the halo, dons black leather boots, and straddles this badass piece of machinery that is all kinds of mean. I’ve told this before, and I’ll say it again: a soiled angel is leagues hotter than the average cherub.

But even this fine piece of makeover for Marisa is nothing compared to her cauterizing what’s left of her divinity by stripping off and standing guardlessly to show her tremblingly nude, goddess-like form. She’ll feel helpless and taken advantage of, of course, but in all honesty, that is the exact condition we would like her to be in, am I right, gentlemen? Her nipples should be within reach of anyone wanting a rub at them, and her slender pussy should be drawn open, hairless and perfect, for the growing crowd of guys waiting to have a turn at her little fallen angel’s body. Marisa should be drawn up in shackles in case she tried running way from the stream of cock and cum reducing her to a heaving object of lust, although I’d like to think otherwise and say chains are unnecessary for a woman as sex-hungry as her.

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